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3 PC Walnut Wood Sushi Taco Holder 


We Love Sushi!

We Love Tacos!


Our 3 piece wooden sushi taco holders were designed to assist restaurants with displaying their sushi handrolls. These one of a kind sushi taco holders make all hand crafted rolls look like a million bucks. 


  • Dish Washer Safe Material
  • Food Grade Safe Natural Wood
  • Modern Minamilist Sleek Design
  • Multi-Purpose Taco Holder


How to use Sushi Taco Holders:


Sushi taco holders are specially designed stands that hold sushi tacos in place while you eat them. They come in a variety of materials, including bamboo, plastic, and metal. Some sushi taco holders are also designed to hold dipping sauces or chopsticks, making them a convenient and practical addition to any sushi lover's kitchen.


One of the biggest advantages of sushi taco holders is that they make eating sushi tacos much easier and less messy. By holding the taco in place, you can use both hands to eat without worrying about the taco falling apart or the ingredients spilling out. This makes sushi tacos a great option for parties and gatherings, as guests can enjoy them without having to worry about making a mess.


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Interested in learning how restaurants use the sushi taco holders as a display option? Click the link below to watch our youtube video:

3 PC Walnut Wood Sushi Taco Holder