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The Best Way To Display Sushi:

The Best Sushi Displays On The Market:

Written by: Nicholas San Pedro

Sushi is a beautiful and visually appealing food that deserves to be displayed in the best way possible. Whether you are hosting a sushi party, running a sushi restaurant, or simply want to enjoy a beautiful sushi presentation at home, there are several key factors to consider when displaying sushi.

Tips For Displaying Your Sushi:

Choose the right platter: The right platter can make all the difference when it comes to displaying sushi. Look for a platter that is large enough to hold all of your sushi, but not so large that the sushi looks sparse. A wooden sushi board or a rectangular ceramic platter are both great options.

  1. Use contrasting colors: One of the most important aspects of a beautiful sushi display is the use of contrasting colors. Try to incorporate a variety of colors into your sushi, such as bright orange salmon, green avocado, and pink pickled ginger. This will create a visually appealing display that is sure to impress.

  2. Pay attention to the placement: The placement of the sushi on the platter is also important. Start by placing the larger pieces of sushi, such as rolls or larger sashimi, in the center of the platter. Then, fill in the empty spaces with smaller pieces of sushi, such as nigiri or smaller sashimi.

  3. Add decorative elements: To take your sushi display to the next level, consider adding some decorative elements such as edible flowers, microgreens, or even small figurines. Just be sure that any additional elements are not overpowering or distracting from the sushi itself.

  4. Keep it fresh: Finally, it's important to keep your sushi display fresh and appetizing. Make sure that the sushi is properly chilled and covered with plastic wrap until you are ready to serve it. This will help to prevent the sushi from drying out or losing its freshness.

Our Sushi Product Displays:

Here at KW Sushi Taco Holders we carry a wide array of different product listings entirely centered around sushi displays. We have prepared a list of some of our favorite sushi displays we carry on our website. Click the photos if you are interested in finding more about the products.

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